Augmented Reality

Our aim has always been to turn technology into great experiences for consumers. Through Roar, for the very first time we bring high-end Augmented Reality for the promotions of an Indian film. What better than audiences getting to interact live with the tigers and other creatures in the film. Completely designed and executed by us, Roar’s Augmented Reality has been a huge hit with global audiences and at Cannes as well.

Interactive Apps for Children

We help the right and left brained child develop holistically through experiences. Our Aim is to make education fun and thereby more effective for all. It proven children learn through experiences which are gathered via interaction. Using our expertise in creating stunning visuals and cutting edge technology, we have designed and executed several apps for Mocomi Kids that interact and engage with pre – schoolers to teach various skills including, numbers, alphabets, colours and animals to name a few.

Games for Sesame Street – India

Voted as amongst the top 7 sites / apps in the world for children’s content, it is no surprise when Sesame Street India and Quallcomm had the requirement of making nine games we were their first choice. Mocomi took this challenge head on to create games which are being used to teach children shapes, maths, alphabets, words and sentence making. We are proud to have partnered with Sesame Street and Quallcomm in making a difference in the lives of many children including those that come from economically challenged backgrounds.