Artist – Lighting/ Shading/Texturing

  • Developing light-rig for sequence and master 3D precom
  • Designs and implements direct (key) lighting and reflected lighting and shadows for complex shots that meet and enhance art and tone direction
    Ensures that assigned shots fit the continuity of the sequence
  • Creates modules and reusable lighting set-ups. May composite and render elements together to create final frame
  • Able to finish the tasks without any handholding/supervision
  • Need to come-up with technical/creative solutions
  • Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets on time
  • Is responsible for giving inputs for bidding and following the schedule of the work allocated to him/her
  • Scripting knowledge ,knowledge of multiple rendering engines(ray tracer,GI,thorough knowledge of shading,and different compositing softwares
  • textures to achieve desired surface qualities of characters, props and environments
  • Modifies shader parameters and painting texture maps to meet art direction
  • Paints on more complex and higher level of detail assets
  • Sets up standard surface textures and readies surface files for lighting
  • Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets

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