Concept Artist

  • Skilled in drawing, painting, sketching, 2D & 3D art, and knowledge of traditional art techniques and storyboarding
  • Be able to design a variety of original concepts containing character design, interior/exterior environments, and more
  • Knowledge of UI and good UX practices
  • Work with the creative team to define the art vision for the project which meets aesthetic and technical goals
  • Work collaboratively under the guidance and direction of an art lead/director to visualize and iterate on concepts and generate quick sketches, speed-paints and paint-overs
  • Excellent art skills with an eye for atmospheric, perspective, color, and lighting, and the ability to use these skills to properly portray the mood of the concept
  • Have a good understanding and application of the rules of perspective and 3D space
  • Ability to work in a broad range of styles and aesthetics, and to sculpt and paint highly detailed 3D and 2D images
  • Visually interpret other people‚Äôs ideas, take direction and critical feedback in your work
  • Be a strong communicator, work as part of a team, be flexible and adapt to change when needed
  • Constantly develop your skills to keep up with new technologies and digital illustration software packages
  • Experience developing games with AA rating with minimum 6 months production work (mention the games)
  • Flash Animation
  • Experience in Isometric and Vector Art
  • Experience developing global games(targeted at international audience)
  • BFA or equivalent game development experience strongly preferred

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