Matte Painting – Artist

  • Have a thorough knowledge of matte painting techniques including color space, digital paint and photo-realistic collage techniques and be skilled in film imagery.
  • Matte Paint / Concept Artists must produce illustrations that are striking but also accurate and clear.
  • Understand what Directors, Directors of Photography and Supervisors require from a scene.
  • Have a good understanding and application of the rules of perspective and 3D space.
  • Have technical proficiency in photography with an emphasis on composition, depth, light interaction, tone and colour.
  • Visually interpret other people’s ideas, take direction and critical feedback in your work.
  • Have excellent illustration skills and keen interest in design, architecture and film.
  • Understand the different elements of the VFX pipeline, including compositing, lighting, texturing and Match-move.
  • Have a working knowledge in 2.5 D Projection Technique and Clean Plate as well.
  • Manage your priorities to move each work through the VFX pipeline.
  • Be a strong communicator, work as part of a team, be flexible and adapt to change when asked.
  • Apply your skills across a range of different software packages, which could include Maya, Nuke, Z Brush and many more.
  • Constantly develop your skills to keep up with new technologies and digital illustration software packages.

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