Search Engine Optimizer – SEO

  • Creating an Online marketing strategy for each vertical
  • Creating an execution plan with time lines for the Marketing Strategies
  • Researching and understating the nature and requirements of each of the 3 industries
  • Making a budget for online marketing for each vertical
  • Through all these processes ensure that we attract good quality leads & likes that are potential converts
  • Handle SMM, SEO, Google Adwords, campaign creation etc
  • Identify free and paid resources/websites/blogs/groups which are appropriate for advertising, marketing and creating the brand
  • Writing Blogs and updates to be used through all Social media avenues
  • Manage email marketing, bulk mailers
  • Prepare detailed strategy reports
  • Improve a company’s organic search results
  • Write effective headlines, body copy, and websites
  • Write original, powerful SEO content for blogs and websites
  • Strategize ways to improve and track site performance
  • Compile and present SEO performance reports
  • Create advanced SEO strategies
  • Analyzing the algorithms of top search engine
  • Popularizing the website using Social Media Platforms
  • Assisting in layout of web pages
  • Off-Page Optimization and Social Media Marketing
  • Measuring results time to time
  • Assisting & guiding juniors, assessing their career growth
  • Train students on SEO and Social Media Marketing if it demands
  • Reporting to the Management and keeping them updated about all SEO progress
  • Work collaboratively with the Management to identify business opportunities, improvement and revisions in 3 business segments
  • Submit Daily and weekly reports and ensure information is accurate for real time reporting

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