Sr. Artist/ Artist – Dynamics/ Effects

  • Creates and animates digital effects elements to meet and enhance art direction
  • For animated productions, creates effects that reflect physical dynamics of natural phenomena (e.g., fire, smoke, water, bubbles, lava, dust and/or foliage) to create a believable world for the story
  • Sets-up, models and animates assigned character external features including grooming (i.e., hair and fur) and/or tailoring (i.e., clothing) to meet and enhance art direction
  • Participates in writing utility scripts and software code that streamlines the simulation development process
  • For live action, creates natural or supernatural phenomena to enhance the story
  • Able to finish the tasks without any handholding/supervision
  • Need to come-up with technical/creative solutions
  • Able to grade and develop the look of the shot
  • Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets on time
  • Is responsible for giving inputs for bidding and following the schedule of the work allocated to him/her

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