Sr. Team Lead – Roto

  • Oversees artists’ work, briefs them about the tasks assigned and reviews their work. Handles multiple tasks even under pressure
  • Makes recommendations to the Head of 2D/Supervisor 2D Paint & Roto on methodology of working on a assignment
  • Takes shots from scratch to final output
  • Assists the Supervisor 2D Paint & Roto in his/her supervisory role by taking responsibility and accountability for a small group of junior artists and a specific portion of the assigned tasks
  • Review shots with compositing supervisors
  • Contribute ideas to Production at the time of scheduling
  • Assists and guides junior artists when they require help. Mentors and Supervises the juniors
  • Trouble shoots in depth for paint & roto tasks and gives proper solution how to complete shot meeting deadlines. Also, Trouble shoots in times of crisis during work on a project/show
  • Checks difficulty level of all assigned shots
  • Works directly with the Head of 2D/Supervisor 2D Paint and Roto to develop pipeline tools and make workflow adjustments that would suit the department 
  • Works on tasks of greater complexity (compared to junior artists)
  • Ensures output of complex matte painted elements to a high standard with a thorough understanding of perspective, lighting and color
  • Completes the allotted project within the given man days as per client requirements and maintaining quality standards set by the company
  • Supervises shots/sequence/project with proper deadline
  • Able to understand the clear instruction from concerned authorities and delegate balanced work amongst the team
  • Takes reviews/quality checks of juniors work to send final version to production and client
  • Handles high-end digital articulate mattes, background repair and object removal with computer-aided drawing tools to detail and precision
  • Contributes ideas with immediate superior, production to make strong pipeline
  • Able to do R&D, shot and sequence process creation, leading the sequences
  • Accurately assess performance of his team members and provide correct data to HR and his/her concerned head
  • Is primarily responsible for handling the performance of the team allocated to him/ her
  • Oversees and handles all the major functional responsibilities (complex sequences) along with cross functional depts
  • Does the bidding/pre-selling process by taking inputs from the prep. dept. TL’s(as and when required)
  • Works closely with Production team during task & manpower allocation
  • Mentors and supervises Teams &Team leads (Technical & People process)
  • Co-coordinates with the production team and supervisors
  • Conducts Dailies & review meetings
  • Responsible for feedback and appraisals of the team &Team leads. Co-coordinates with HR & production and supervisor to ensure that appraisal, feedback and other
    resource related documentation is updated / shared with HR
  • Identifies Training & Development (T &D) needs of the team & Team leads
  • Responsible for handling the functional responsibility and supervising the whole team. Checks & Approves the tasks done by the team
  • Trouble shoots in times of crisis during work on a project/show
  • Responsible for in-house Creative/Technical training/knowledge transfers
  • Oversees and supervises complex tasks
  • Takes the lead in responsibilities given for his/her function
  • Differentiator between Sr TL and TL is to handling larger size of team depending on project requirement, complexity of the tasks being handled, project/shot or multiple projects/shots being handled and team management experience.

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