Supervisor Matchmove & Tracking

  • Supervise and support a team that acts as a central hub for all shot preparation to ensure continuity and camera accuracy in CG Elements
  • Is the Functional Head for the department and provides key creative and technical inputs and manages all the Sr. TLs/TLs
  • Point of contact between Production, other 3D departments, CG Supervisors and compositing team
  • Ensures delivery of final shots to production for multiple projects/shows and ensures final technical check
  • Under the direction of the VFX Supervisors, the CG supervisor will lead a team with the setup of the technical and aesthetic approaches of the matchmove work for a shot, sequence, or even an entire aspect of a show
  • Accountable for the outcomes of Matchmove, Layout, Set Dressing in the 3D domain
  • Determines technical approaches needed to achieve desired look and behaviors of the production’s assets within agreed on technical pipeline
  • Accountable for the outcomes of multiple teams in terms of being on time, on budget execution and delivery, as well as quality, of required composited images
  • Work closely with cross functional CG Supervisors for the production needs and updates of the department
  • Establish quality control standards and approve team output assessing consistency and quality, ensuring all deliveries are in line with technical and creative delivery requirements
  • Identifies, defines, prioritizes and oversees the implementation of tools that automate production tasks that do not require creative judgment
  • Work with VFX Supervisor to build client confidence
  • Builds consensus among technology, creative and production management to create efficiencies. Serves as key technical expert on productions
  • Estimate time-lines with 3D Head to ensure all deliveries are met
  • Ensure tutorials and other educational/training tools available to staff. Ensures the ongoing training and development of compositing staff
  • Identify and cascade the work methodology needed to be used for the delivery of production
  • Troubleshoot technical issues for production. Identifies problems and effectively implements solutions
  • Does basic composites of the files with the background to judge the move
  • Converts background plates to various formats to use with specific software to create digital motion files that match the plate photography. This includes animating any live action character or relative object in the scene.
  • Generate 2D Compositing elements, while maintaining the accuracy of camera perspective

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