2D Supervisor – Compositing

  • Accountable for the outcomes of multiple teams in terms of being on time, on budget execution and delivery, as well as quality, of required composited images.
  • Is the Functional Head for Comp and provides key creative and technical inputs and manages all the Sr TLs/TLs.
  • Builds consensus among technology, creative and production management to maintain good project efficiencies.
  • Serves as key technical expert on productions.
  • Accountable for the outcomes of multiple departments in the technical pipeline.
  • May be accountable for outcomes of multiple departments within the compositing pipeline.
  • Identifies, defines, prioritizes and oversees the implementation of tools that automate production tasks that do not require creative judgment. (eg. Client submission etc.)
  • Accountable for on time, on budget execution and delivery, as well as quality, most outcomes of the technical pipeline.
  • Is primarily responsible for handling the performance of the team allocated to him/ her.
  • Oversees and handles all the major functional responsibilities
  • Ensures bidding/pre-selling process by taking inputs from the prep. dept. TL’s (as and when required)
  • Works closely with Production team for resource planning, and requirements as needed
  • Mentors and supervises Teams &Team leads (Technical & People process)
  • Co-coordinates with the production team and HOD
  • Oversee the ongoing work & conducts review meetings with Leads and artists
  • Responsible for feedback and appraisals of the team &Team leads.
  • Facilitate time bound Training & Development (T &D) for the team & Team leads
  • Liaisons with the HR department for manpower related tasks (Resource forecasting, T & D, recruitment, talent attraction & retention strategies, leaves etc.)
  • Responsible for in-house Creative/Technical training/knowledge transfers
  • Takes the overall responsibilities given for his/her function
  • May handle larger size of team depending on project requirements or multiple projects being handled and team management experience
  • Communicates with Clients for art direction, scope of work etc. via cinesync.

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