Sr. Layout Artist

  • Set Dressing:
  • Creates and maintains complex computer generated 3D sets and scenes. Constructs new sets and dresses existing sets to be viewed from specific camera angles using software and 3D models. Implements complex modeling and shading variations to achieve required looks of assigned sets and scenes. Anticipates production requirements and ensures that set designs support those requirements with little to no rework. Optimizes shots and provides other technical support as needed. Establishes and maintains set dressing files throughout production cycle as needed
  • Layout:
  • Translates story sketches into 3D cinematic layouts of complex story sequences. Maintains visual, camera and set dressing continuity throughout the production
  • ROUGH LAYOUT: Determines initial 3D camera placement and motion to help tell the story. Establishes set and background geometry. Blocks characters, sets and props. Creates sequences of shots that convey the story. May create pre-visualization models and environments to enhance early editorial choices and facilitate animated work
  • FINAL LAYOUT: Prepares 3D sets for animation. Installs final set and character models. Sets up and organizes shot data for character animators. Builds new shots and updates character, set and prop blocking per story and editorial changes. Maintains set continuity throughout the production. Readies sets for lighting

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